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What Our Students are Saying



“I have been attending BayFit classes at Bay Jiu-Jitsu (I like to call it ‘barefoot boot camp’) 2x a week for 3 months now. All I can say is ‘wow!’ I considered myself to be in decent shape before and was looking for something low impact but still beneficial as a cross training for my main passion, surfing. This is it. Since starting, I have noticed my strength and stamina steadily increasing, along with improvements in my day to day energy levels and my overall quality of life. ”

Jonathan S.


“I started BayFit classes about 2 months ago. At first I was worried about being able to wake myself up in the morning for the 7AM boot camp classes, but I realized that it’s totally worth it. Thanks Thiago for making my mornings more exciting! I already feel healthier and stronger. The physical reward for this workout is priceless!”

Kika A.

Wardrobe stylist

“Since I started BayFit classes over a month ago, my health and physical condition has improved substantially. It’s a great work out class that pushes you to achieve your best performance. The class trainer, Thiago, is a pleasure to work with. He offers quality training that is very effective. Overall, I have been incredibly happy with my results. I highly recommend this class!”

Marcella C.

Video Producer

“I have been attending BayFit classes with coach Thiago. The workouts are awesome, and my body has changed a lot- in a good way! I am feeling healthier than ever. The class is intense, and the exercises encompass full-body workouts. The instructor is nice and keeps a watchful eye on everyone and is very helpful. The gym is also very nice- it has all necessary equipment and provides a nice clean space to work out.”

Delvira R.


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Use promo code: BAYFITG0415



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Offer is valid for first-time students only. Limit 1 discount per student. Offer is only valid for the BayFit program. Purchase by 04/30/15, value expires 6 months after purchase date.

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